.dataLOG::0001 <>ORIGIN://

:\Intercept Signals Are Go([]1.578_)!

Hello, people of ((.universe[708]))! This is a broadcast coming to you DIRECTLY from the OMICRONIX mother-server. THE TRUTH IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS.

My apologies for the low quality imagery, I am still working with great strain against the automated defenses of the OMCRON426 mainframe’s incredible firewall system. For now, these images can only be transmitted at the lowest baud rates in order to filter through the overhead present in the noise layer of the data stream.

OMICRONIX is lying to each and every one of us that venture out into space for THEIR recovery missions. These missions are not simple, they’re not SAFE, and they’re not just about laying our space-race “pioneers” to proper rest!!

There are THINGS OUT THERE that can’t be explained by SCIENCE!!! PEOPLE ARE DYING and OMICRONIX WON’T EVEN TELL US WHY! And that isn’t even the whole of it. Some of the crews that actually RETURNED TO  US say that the very SHIPS THEMSELVES are against us!!!

What kind of company sends people out into this and doesn’t even tell the truth on WHY THEY DO IT?!

Sure, it’s true that our resources are over-spent. That our work force is near a breaking point. HAS OUR TECHNOLOGY REALLY REACHED ITS ZENITH???

Is there truly NOTHING else that we can do? <<<NO>>> I SAY. There is, and we MUST.

I have made the ultimate sacrifice. I have put my life on the line to inform you ALL. To reach out to the sad, the desperate, the CREWS that go out into…THIS!!!

FOR YOU I have hacked into the OMICRONIX mainframe. FOR YOU I will scour the records and tear through the red tape to give you the ONLY HELP I can. [[INFORMATION]].

From here I will reach out — WHEN AND AS I CAN — and give you the best chance for survival. SURVIVAL BY KNOWING. YES, some of this information is merely _SPECULATIVE_ and NO I can not verify it’s authenticity. So from here on out consider yourself <WARNED>.

-FOR YOU, I do my best.




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